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We Are Here to Assist When You Simply Just Can't Get it Done!  Other than helping you buy or sell property, we offer Additional services Listed Below.  After viewing these services, Click the "Pay for Service" Tab Above so that we can get start in executing these services for you.  For "Boots on the Ground" & "Lock Box" Services, once the forms are completed you will be contacted with pricing information.

Un~Lock Your Vision!

Do you need ACTIONABLE STEPS to help get you to the point where you CAN Actually Invest in Real Estate? Let's Discuss What Steps Need to be Done TODAY and onwards!


Consultation in 30-Minute Increments @ Only $40/hour

No, We're Not Trying to get Rich off of your ignorance.

There's no need to spend $40,000 to have access to a software system and no 1 on 1 direct coaching.  We can help you get through the process for only $40 per hour.  If you are willing the results will show itself!


Let's get started!

Get all of your finances together prior to our discussion.  For a successful and productive meeting, you will need:

  • For you and your spouse or Household financial partner to think about where you are now and what area you'd like to get started in.
  • All of your Recent Bills/Statements for ALL Expenses for you AND your spouse or Household Financial Partner(s.)

(Rent/Mortgage, Insurance(s,) Credit Cards, Loans, Meal, Gas, Activity, Miscellaneous)

  • All Recent Income Statements for you AND your spouse and/or Household Financial Partner(s.)
(W2, Paystubs, Side jobs, etc.)
This has to be a "reality" call and the realty begins with knowing and improving your financial situation.  There will be no judgment, just a revision and tips and tricks to help you through this as you prepare yourself for the next level.  
Talk soon!
Complete the form and click "Let's Get Started" below to get this process going!

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I've Purchased My Tax Lien Certificate e~Manual but need to discuss the steps...Can we talk? Click below to express what you've done thus far, where you're having trouble, the best day(s)/time(s) to reach you and we will contact you to schedule and provide payment instructions. Be sure to provide your contact number!

Tax Lien Consult ~ $15 for 20 Min

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