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Ideal if you are a Landlord who wants to maximize on income with less stress.

Ideal if you'd like to generate primary or additional streams of income to add to or replace your current income! 

Short Term Rentals have been proven to double, even triple normal rental income and maintenance is minimum!

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Do you want to Know How You Can Gain up to 36% Return on Your Investment by Purchasing

Tax Lien Certificates?

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Real Estate Property Mortgage-Free?

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Is your money sitting in the bank earning "air" while the bank is investing it and earning gold?

Are you or any one you know interested in knowing how to gain at least 18% interest on your investment?  Use your retirement savings or your disposable income to make money for you and at a preferred yield? 

Allow us the opportunity to provide you with a compact packet of knowledge.

In an easy read e-Manual that takes up only a small amount of your time, electronically delivered - you will learn:

  • What Tax Lien Certificates are...
  • Where Tax Lien Certificates can be purchased and by whom...
  • How to use tax lien certificates an an alternative to an "interest bearing" bank account...
  • What to do before purchasing Tax Lien Certificates...
  • What types of returns to expect when investing in Tax Lien Certificates...
  • Important ingredients to "cook up" when investing in Tax Lien Certificates...
  • The "good" risks involved in investing in Tax Lien Certificates...
  • Benefits - How you can make a good Rate of Return on Your Investment - ROI...
  • Where to go to execute your Tax Lien Certificate purchases... 
  • The "How to" of Actually Executing the process of investing in Tax Lien Certificates.

These compact packets of knowledge is for anyone who'd rather be getting a Rate of Return higher than what you'd get at any bank.

You don't need a lot of capital to begin to invest if done in select counties. 

So if YOU or ANYONE you know may have interest in learning about the financial benefits of tax lien certificate investing, a preferred risk that is open to individuals, companies and to Non-US Citizen investors as well, then you or they can

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Property Research - We'll Do It For You!

Interested in Purchasing or Contracting a property but need to find out preliminary information in order to move forward or not? Are you a Wholesaler but Your System is Not Yet Up and Running? What ever the reason, we can do a property data search to include information about the building, violations, zoning info, taxes owed, and the listed property owner. (This Service is Offered in the US only)

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Property Research Report

Our Boots on the Ground Services...

Lock Box Service

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Can't get to your property but Expecting The Utility Company, Repair Team or Prospect Buyers? Trust that we can install or place a lock box with key securely outside right outside your property.  Select a lockbox from our Amazon Store.  We place the order (if we don't have your selection in stock,) You mail us the key to the property (after making a duplicate for yourself) and we will purchase a lock box and place the key in the lock box right outside the property.  Access Granted!

This service is provided for properties located within the 5 Boroughs of NYC, Westchester County, Long Island and parts of N.J.

Please complete form below to request pricing.  Please call or complete form below to inquire about locations NOT listed above.

Property Condition Assessment

Are you away and need someone to access and assess the condition of your property and perhaps see if the equipment and appliances still function since your last visit?  Do you want to know if the appliances are even still there? Are you a Wholesaler?  Considering a new investment? Do You Need to know if the property has been vandalized or even still exists outside of a Google Map screen search? Do You Need photos or video footage to be taken so that you can know for yourself "what's what?" We can be your Eyes, Ears & Nose; Your Boots on the Ground...

If applicable, Mail us the key (Ensure you have a copy) and provide the address and we'll be happy to check things out on your behalf! (If needed, Locksmith services are NOT included in service pricing; This is an additional service that is outsourced) 

This service is provided for properties located within the 5 Boroughs of NYC, Westchester County, Long Island and parts of N.J. 

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Please call or submit form below to inquire about locations NOT listed above.

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