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We Are Here to Assist When You Simply Just Can't Get it Done!  Other than helping you buy or sell property, we offer Additional services Listed Below.  After viewing these services, Click the "Pay for Service" Tab Above so that we can get start in executing these services for you.  For "Boots on the Ground" & "Lock Box" Services, once the forms are completed you will be contacted with pricing information.


Servicing the United States


This is ideally for wholesalers or anyone needing preliminary property information.  Are you considering contracting or purchasing a property? Our preliminary property research will provide you with information to help you determine whether to pursue or not. We can provide information on ownership, zoning, annual tax, violations, etc.                       

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Servicing New York & New Jersey


Is your property vacant or occupied by tenants? Do you Need to know if your property is still standing? If you live away from your property and you need to have the property's condition assessed, or need to have the property maintained or  repaired, reach out to us.  We have a trusted team that can help!

Are you considering purchasing a property in the NYC / NJ area but are not able to visit the area?  If so, we can provide those eyes and ears for you. (Boots on the Ground.)  Let us work for you in providing you with the necessary information to assist you in making a decision in regards to the property.  We can provide pics & live video along with a summary of the property's condition to include a repair estimate. 


Servicing New York City and Connecticut


Do you have a vacant property that needs to be accessed but you don't reside in the area?  Has your unsecured property been fined and you need to secure it and place a key and a secure key holder at your property?  We can help! Once a lockbox is placed on the door with the key, you can provide the lockbox code to designated persons to gain access to your property when you're not physically present.


Throughout the United States, Anyone  whether a US Resident or Not Can Benefit From Purchasing Tax Lien Certificates! Our well thought out self-explanatory and easy to read packet  will show you how to Gain (18-36% Interest ROI) on your dormant money.  We offer a compact packet of valuable information designed to educate you on the process.  Volumes I and II both have what you need to get started in making TLC purchases; What to do and why, who to speak to, what to say to them.. and How to EXECUTE and benefit from it all! Volume II goes more in depth with direct resources to eliminate most of the legwork. Manuals are delivered electronically in PDF format. (Word format if specified.)

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