Until you get your systems in place, we can provide you with the tools that are needed to analyze your wholesale or assignment deals.              Not many realize how important it is to provide your investor with information that is crucial in their decision to invest.  With all the factors that play a role in the process, your initial summary of the "deal" is a benefit and even more beneficial when presented appropriately.     

We can provide you with reports to aid you in your decision to take on a wholesale / assignment project or not.

Whether you just need preliminary information about the property, to know if there's violations and the types of violations, if taxes are delinquent, or need contact information for the property owner, we are here to assist in this process.


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Preliminary Property Info, Zoning Info, Tax Info, Owner Info / SkipTracing

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Marketing Packet Preparation Service in PDF ~ $27.00



Here is a Sample of a partially completed Marketing Packet.

(The actual copy will be clear, detailed with more content)

Please don't just jot down a few words to market that you have a contract to flip.  We've seen a lot of "ads" that are poorly written and have very little details to help a prospect buyer determine if the deal is even worth looking into...and this is done with intention of getting a deal closed...

A wholesaler marketing a property like this is like a having a realtor trying to sell a house with not even 1 photo!


We will prepare a professionally presented document packaged in an easy to read PDF.  This will allow potential clients to decide more quickly if this is a potential deal.

Your marketing efforts will be appreciated and may prompt future business due to the ease of receiving the information.


All we need from you are the details of the deal and clear photos.  Once we've prepared your document, we will need you to approve it.  Once approved, we will email you the finished product to market to all of the world.  

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$27 Gets you a basic finished product and a better marketing position!

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Property Research - We'll Do It For You!

Interested in Purchasing or Contracting a property but need to find out preliminary information in order to move forward or not? Are you a Wholesaler but Your System is Not Yet Up and Running? What ever the reason, we can do a property data search to include information about the building, violations, zoning info, taxes owed, and the listed property owner.

If SkipTracing is needed, please complete a quick connect form with the property address.  

Pay For This Services here for  USD $15.00 per address.  

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(This Service is Offered in the US only)

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Property Research Report

Property Condition Assessment

Are you away and need someone to access and assess the condition of your property and perhaps see if the equipment and appliances still function since your last visit?  Do you want to know if the appliances are even still there? Are you a Wholesaler?  Considering a new investment? Do You Need to know if the property has been vandalized or even still exists outside of a Google Map screen search? Do You Need photos or video footage to be taken so that you can know for yourself "what's what?" We can be your Eyes, Ears & Nose; Your Boots on the Ground...

If applicable, Mail us the key (Ensure you have a copy) and provide the address and we'll be happy to check things out on your behalf! (If needed, Locksmith services are NOT included in service pricing; This is an additional service that is outsourced) 

This service is provided for properties located within the 5 Boroughs of NYC, Westchester County, Long Island and parts of N.J. 

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